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Everything changes. Everything stays the same.

Unpacking content in the imagery and material process of this painting.

Sometimes when I do this I feel like I'm decoding my own rorschach test, sometimes I feel like I'm just pulling a piece of string out of my ass.

I think that the imagery in this painting is mostly about duality and of opposites that coexist.

Monotony and over stimulation. Stillness and never-ending movement. Silence and noise. I have recently been using Jade as a model in my work when I want to address binaries and grey areas as she symbolises that through her approach to gender identity. This work also touches on the volatility and unpredictability of our relationship, that is simultaneously a long standing and stable beacon in my life. This alludes to conversations about queer and non-conventional relationships, friendships and relationships to self.

On thinking about overstimulation and layering of moments and time, I have taken interest in the concept of taking photos and looking at images. I have over 5000 images in my pocket right now, 5000 moments and things that I wanted to keep or show to others. I’m interested in how a photo can store time. It can also straighten a warped memory or warped perception.

My overall thematic interests have shifted slightly from dreamed or imagined realities to dream-like experiences of reality, and the photograph holds some connection to reality for me and perhaps that’s why I haven’t really taken an interest in pure abstraction, or non-representational imagery.

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