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Updated: May 28, 2021


At Neon Parc Gallery in Brunswick Victoria 23rd APRIL – 29th MAY 2021

This exhibition fulfilled my monochromatic fantasies! 60 drawings all the same size and and rendered in the same colour, seems like a wonderful idea in theory and could go one way or the other in practice. Paired with the wonderful open space and lightbox ceiling at NEON PARC Brunswick, the show was anything but garish, even if the iconography and the bright aqua blue sort of wanted you to see it that way.

Being so early on in my MFA I am searching for ways to purge ideas and have them laid out in front of me so that I can filter through which ones are consistent and which ones are temporary infatuations.

I am usually an oil painter and have only recently begun seeing my drawings as finished works, although I am struggling with finding a consistent style and medium. I am finding it helpful to draw as much as I can as a way of working quickly and moving through ideas and I too have begun working monochromatically, in various shades of emerald and bottle green. This began as an aesthetic gesture and after seeing this exhibition, I was fascinated by the way the works talk to each other, they are homogenised by the same shade of blue and the consistency in the framing and size of the paper. It also adds interest that they are a combination of different styles.

This is part of the description BY NEON on the use of colour.

"Each work is rendered in the same bright aqua, a motif the artist has used in earlier sculptural and installation works such as ‘Afterparty’ and ‘Pissing in the Infinity Pool’. The use of monochromatic colour acts as a tool to homogenise the discordant subject matter and read the body of work as the sum of it’s parts, both compelling and repelling the viewer within the highly seductive drawings."

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